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Ecommerce Websites

E-commerce, E-retail or online shopping; whatever you want to call it internet shopping has become a global revolution. As the UK high street has been experiencing difficult times and declining sales E- commerce sales have bucked the trend and continue to be the only growth area in UK retail. Imagine having... Ecommerce Websites

CMS Websites

Website design is what we are all about, and that is a good thing!

We love the design process and have both the skills and experience to design websites that meet your specific requirements and enhance your unique identity. Your website will often be the first point of contact your potential customers... CMS Websites

Search Engines

SEO is really important to drive your website forward, we will take the time, once the website is finished, to look at the best SEO strategies. SEO is all about getting your business noticed, we use our vast experience and knowledge in this field to get great search engine results. We will look at your page titles, alt tags... Search Engine Optimisation & SEO services


When your website has been built, you will need to ensure that it is on a reliable hosting package that will keep your website quickly available to visitors even at the most peak times. Media Orb offer affordable website hosting with every internet-based project we undertake so that you will not need to worry about finding a... Website Hosting


Other than providing exceptional websites we can also offer to take care of your companies printing requirements. Even with the growth of electronic media, high-quality print is still essential to effectively function in today's highly competitive market place. We have professional skilled designers that create...Print

Logos and Branding

Members of the general public will decide if they trust your company with in the first three seconds, with this in mind do you agree that a first impression is of vital importance. Have you ever ask yourself how people react to your business identity? At Media Orb we take a very serious view when creating the right... Logos and Branding

Mobile Websites

The internet has penetrated our lives to a level that few people could have imagined ten years ago, we use it for shopping, referencing, news, entertainment and keeping in touch. The most recent phenomenon is mobile internet, with the advent of smart phones, pda and tablets no longer is our internet use confined to home...Mobile Phone Websites

The social networking explosion has created many opportunities for business’ that simply did not exist a few years ago, the two main players in the social media sphere – Facebook and Twitter - have a staggering 41.5 million active users between them in the UK alone, however the fact remains that this vast resource is still...Social Networking